Sun and Silver

Sun and Silver -Sea trout fly fishing

Sun and SilverEvery autumn we wait.. wait for the first night when temperatures goes below freezing point, most dossent look forward to this day/night but I do, course its marks the beginning of the high season for  sea trout hunting along the Coastline of Halsnæs.
In the cold water silver shining sea trout in oversize hunt over the shallow reefs.
It can bit though and cold, there is no mercy, you have to move on.. eyes wandering down the snow covered coast, the wind biting your face of.. but you can endure it, the next cast or maybe the one after, your fly will be inhaled by the one you’ve been searching for in your dreams..
this is Sea trout fishing here in the North, the most none forgiving fishing you’ll ever imaging.
you’ll test you and your gear to the maximum, it is here the boys are separated from the men.
but its worth every second every step in the sand, the silver price that is waiting for you, can be a once in a lifetime experience.

Sun and Silver – Sea trout fly fishing
If you dream of one of these monsters you should plan a trip here with in the next month or two
dont hesitate to call or write  

you can find more inspiring pictures here  

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  1. Wim
    Wim says:

    Hi Rune, thanks for your inspiring ‘lines’ and images! Fyn pulls me like a magnet. I would have been there next week, but i have to study those days.
    Last year i saw your beautiful country for the first time, i was travelling through twice (Holland – Sweden – Holland). The coastline stayed in my thoughts, so i bought a nice rod, a good reel, and started tying the Danish classic kystfluer (thanks to youtube and some excellent Danish sites like yours). Now my hope is aimed at the end of april, when i’ll have two weeks off. Man, i’m eager…


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